Caring Scalp Lotion 200ml
  • Caring Scalp Lotion 200ml

Caring Scalp Lotion 200ml

Mild, kids' shampoo for daily and gentle washing, with Epilobium extract and Neem Oil extract, suitable for the sensitive kids's scalp. Wheat Proteins strengthen hair structure and Bisabolol has soothing and anti-irritant properties. Its formula contains mild, surfactant and cleansing agents, free of SLES/SLS.

It's applied fast and easily, without making hair oily or weighted down. Apply (spray) the lotion uniformly on dry and clean hair, from roots till lengths, while massaging gently to reach all the parts of hair. Use plenty of product, until hair and scalp are completely wet. If you wish, use a comb for a better application. Let the product dry well and wait for at least 8 hours before washing hair. For optimum results, repeat the procedure every 7 days.

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